Wealth Intention Candle

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Manifest your wealth and abundance with this powerful crystal intention candle. Associated with the sun and with good fortune, the citrine stone has long been used to attract wealth and prosperity. When paired with the grapefruit mangosteen fragrance, this crystal intention candle becomes a tool for manifesting your desires. Burn this abundance candle to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity into your life.



 Citrine is the stone for joy and positivity, for creative expression and abundance. Working with citrine will help you be a bigger version of yourself. You'll feel better, have more energy and be filled with good cheer!

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  • Candle should be watched closely until all toppings infuse!
  • Always place your candle on a fireproof surface or holder.
  • Never burn a candle completely!
  • Discontinue use of it when it burns to within 1/2" of its base or the holder.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
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