Ok, I have to admit, these candles may be too pretty to burn!! This candle is GORGEOUS, the colors and design are so vibrant and I’m intrigued by its calming scent! I love it!!!


Candle Review

LOVE this spray! I do tarot and energy readings, and I’ve used this spray to clear my space for the next client. I also used this spray as a part of my moms healing when she was in the hospital-it helped to clear the stale energy in the room.


Aura Mist Review

I’m a long term customer & these candles never disappoint. I’m addicted to 3 wick candles and the amazing vibes these emit.


Candle Review

Hands down the best candles I have ever ordered!! Quality is unmatched. The fragrances are strong and the stones, petals, glitter, etc. inside each make them even more special. I plan on filling my home with these candles!


Candle Review