candle with crystals and herbs
Start your day with a little self-love. Our Peace & Love Gift Set is perfect for your daily ritual. Made with an intoxicating floral scented Candle, a beautiful floral smudge bundle, and a crystal set that includes Amethyst, Rose Quartz,...
Energy Cleansing Gift Set
A cleansing and uplifting gift set to enhance any spiritual practice. This unique Energy Cleansing Gift Set is made with an Aura Cleansing Candle, Loose White Sage, Crystal Infused Florida Water, a small Abalone Shell, and a Quartz point. This set...
The ultimate palo santo bundle for Love, Cleansing and Positivity. Bundle features a beautiful Selenite, a piece of raw Rose Quartz and one of our ethically sourced palo santo sticks. Pair this palo santo bundle with one of our Abalone...
Clear Quartz Palo Santo Bundle
The ultimate palo santo bundle for healing, cleansing and positivity. This bundle features a beautiful selenite point for those who want to be surrounded by white light, a clear quartz point which is great for detoxification and alignment of energy,...
7 Stone Chakra Candle
Ready to ground and center yourself? Our beautiful chakra candle is the perfect way to start. Each of the seven stones represent a different chakra, and together they create a synergistic effect, helping to balance and align your energy. Burn...
Loose White Sage
Need to cleanse your space of negative energy? Look no further than our Loose White Sage. Just light it up and let the smoke work its magic. As the smoke wafts through the air, it will help to calm and...
This Palo Santo & Florida water Native Soul Incense has been blended together to create a calming atmosphere while restoring balance to the mind and soul.  Pack of 12 sticks.
Loose Yerba Santa
Looking to cleanse your space and set some boundaries? Look no further than our Loose Yerba Santa. Yerba Santa is perfect for those who are looking for an extra boost of cleansing and love. It is known for its cleansing...
Start your day with a cleansing ritual using Palo Santo. Our Palo Santo Chips are perfect for clearing away negative energy and promoting healing and good fortune. Palo Santo has been used by Shamans for centuries to create a stronger...
Cast Iron Cauldron
Our cast iron cauldrons are a must have for burning loose incense.  Pair one of our cauldrons with our loose White Sage, Palo Santo Chips, Kapachi. Lavender or Rose Petals.  
7 Stone Chakra 3 Wick Candle
This 7 Stone Chakra Candle is perfect for those who are looking to ground their energy and balance their chakras. Made with an all-natural soy wax, this candle is infused with crystals that correspond to each of the seven chakras....
Crown Chakra (7th) - Clear QuartzThird Eye Chakra (6th) - AmethystThroat Chakra (5th) - Lapis LazuliHeart Chakra (4th) - BloodstoneSolar Plexus Chakra (3rd) - Tiger EyeSacral Chakra (2nd) - CarnelianRoot Chakra (1st) - Red Jasper
This Sweetgrass & Yerba Santa Native Soul Incense has been blended together to create a calming atmosphere while restoring balance to the mind and soul.  Pack of 12 sticks.
This White Sage & Cedar Native Soul Incense has been blended together to create a calming atmosphere while restoring balance to the mind and soul.  Pack of 12 sticks.
The yin-yang magic candle is not only a work of art, but also helps to restore balance in your life by cleansing and grounding you. The midnight peony fragrance will create a calm atmosphere that's perfect for relaxation!  Whether you're meditating,...
Our Lucky in Love crystal candle is perfect for anyone looking to attract more love into their life. Made with Rose Quartz, Aventurine, and Yerba Santa, this crystal candle is perfect for setting the mood and generating positive energy. The...
Intuition Enhancer Candle
Our Intuition Enhancer Candle is here to help you connect with your inner wisdom. Made with a blend of Mugwort, Himalayan salt, chamomile, blue lotus, and lavender, this candle is perfect for your weekly rituals. Set the mood and let the...
Letting Go Candle
Light this smoky quartz candle and let go of what's holding you back. Made with Yerba Santa, Mugwort, Palo Santo, and Smoky Quartz, this crystal candle is perfect for setting your intention to let go of negativity and move forward....
Intuition Enhancer Tin Candle
Do you often find yourself struggling with decisions? With this candle, you can let go and trust your intuition. Made with amethyst, this candle is designed to amplify your intuition and help you make decisions with ease. The Mugwort and...
Black Tourmaline Pendent Necklace
Let’s face it: The world can be a rough place. With this gorgeous black tourmaline necklace, you will always be protected from negative energy, so your life can be as calm and serene as possible.  Necklace:  16" L Pendant: Approximately...
Gold plated necklace with Selenite crystal pendant. Necklace:  16" L Pendant: Approximately .5"-.75" L   ABOUT SELENITE The Selenite crystal stone meaning is all about purification, clearing, and positive energy. The soft white appearance of the stone is a perfect...
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