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Taurus Zodiac Crystal Set

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Set

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Let them see the universe in you. A dazzling set of crystals to show off your Taurus zodiac sign. Your Taurus Zodiac Crystal Set includes Rose Quartz to make you feel beautiful, Carnelian for determination and courage, Tiger Eye for focus and clarity, and Quartz for balance and calm.


Quartz it is known as the master healer, which helps amplify other crystals around it.  Clear quartz neutralizes negative energy and transforms it to positive.  It balances your mind, body and soul.

Tiger Eye prevents complacency and increases ones ability to focus.  This gemstone heightens insight and helps you make the right choices.  

Rose Quartz stimulates love and opens the heart chakra, bringing peace, happiness, faithfulness, and good relations.

Carnelian helps Taurus take action.  It gives them confidence and courage, and it helps them overcome the fears that hold them back from fulfilling their dreams.  

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