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Positivity Attractor Bonfire Candle

Positivity Attractor Bonfire Candle

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This powerful intention candle is infused with Black Tourmaline, a stone known for its ability to transform dense energy. When burned, this intention candle attracts good vibes and positive energy into your space. Set your intention and let the Positivity Attractor candle work its magic.



Black tourmaline is a powerful gemstone with many unique properties. One of its most well-known qualities is its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy, making it an ideal stone for protection and healing. In addition, black tourmaline also has a strong grounding effect, helping to keep us rooted and stable in the midst of challenges and upheavals. And thanks to its high conductivity, this stone can easily absorb and discharge electrical impulses, making it ideal for use in crystal grids or other energy work.

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