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Aries Zodiac Crystal Set - Energy Wicks

Aries Zodiac Crystal Set

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Quartz it is known as the master healer, which helps amplify other crystals around it.  Clear quartz neutralizes negative energy and transforms it to positive.  It balances your mind, body and soul.

Citrine can keep emotions in balance while you ride out the fiery wave of Aries.  It encourages abundance during a time of beginning again.  

Red Jasper is a supportive stone that brings tranquility and wholeness.  This gemstone stabilizes erratic behavior, encouraging the zodiac sign of Aries to think before speaking.  Red Jasper calms and centers while providing a boost of stamina, strength, and physical energy. 

Carnelian can stimulate and improve your creativity.  Its grounding qualities bring a sense of control in life.  Carnelian is able to prevent the undesirable influence of other people and neutralize the powers of darkness.

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