Healing Smudge Bundle
Our healing bundle is known to bring cleansing, balance, purification and protection. The bundle contains a white sage smudge stick with lavender, Palo Santo and a single clear Quartz point.  
Melt into a state of wealth and prosperity, with the help of these powerful Wealth Wax Melts.  As the wax melts and the Grapefruit Mangosteen fragrance fills the air, you'll be reminded of your goals and motivated to achieve them.  ...
Our Protection Pouch is your own personal safety net. The crystals in this set work together to protect you against negative energy, and keep you feeling safe, secure and calm.  4oz - 5oz pouch filled with Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Quartz,...
De-Stress Mini Bowl Candle
Our de-stress crystal intention candle is the perfect reminder to take a breath and relax. This candle is topped with Clear Quartz and dried botanicals that promote positivity and calm, while its citrus and cilantro fragrance pampers your senses. This...
$21.99 $11.99
Anxiety Relief Candle
The Anxious Mind is a powerful thing. It can take over our lives if we let it. This Anxiety Relief candle was created to help you take back control. Light this anxiety crystal candle and let the hematite crystal, Palo...
Aura Cleansing Floral Bundle
Our Aura Cleansing Floral Bundle is perfect for cleansing the body, mind and soul. The White Sage helps to release old stagnant energy and clear negative thought patterns while its dried flowers add a touch of beauty and elegance to...
5 Herb Blend Incense
5 herbs, one goal. That's a lot of power in one stick! Our special blend of copal, white sage Palo Santo, Myrrh, and Frankincense cleanses negativity and helps promote a healthy energy flow. Pack of 6.
Light up your life with this 3 Wick Wealth Candle. This luxurious crystal candle is made with citrine, known for their abundance and prosperity properties. The grapefruit mangosteen fragrance is perfect for setting a positive and uplifting mood. This crystal...
Chakra Balancing Candle
Looking to restore some balance in your life? This Chakra Balancing Candle is just what you need. This chakra candle is the perfect tool for cleansing and grounding your energy. The beautiful layers of color represent each chakra. As you...
Our Protection Crystal Set is a powerful combination of Amethyst, Quartz, and Black Tourmaline.  Amethyst is known as the "stone of spirituality", Tourmaline protects against negative energy, and Quartz amplifies the power of other crystals, together they create a powerful force...
Black Tourmaline Bracelet (For Protection)
A powerful protection bracelet made with Black Tourmaline crystal beads. Said to shield and protect against negative energy, Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone for those who need a little extra help. With a natural elegance, this Black Tourmaline crystal...
Emotional Rebirth Candle
Transform your negative emotions into positive ones with the power of Malachite and Black Tourmaline. Our Emotional Rebirth Candle will open your heart chakra and encourage you to take risks. It will also help release any inhibitions you may have....
Fill your home with loving vibrations... and the sweet fragrance of Pink Sugar!  Our Unconditional Love Wax Melts are pack with beautiful Rose Quartz crystals making them the perfect tool for those looking to welcome in love and forgiveness. ABOUT...
Soy wax melts topped with dried lavender, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, and clear Quartz crystals. Crystal wax melts feature a Basil, Mint, and Sage fragrance.  ABOUT THE CRYSTALS Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. ...
Good Vibes 3 Wick Candle
Soothe your senses with this uplifting and refreshing candle. Infused with black tourmaline, this crystal candle is perfect for filling your space with good vibes. With a Citrus Agave scent that's perfect for springtime, this good vibe candle is a...
We all know how it feels when stress starts to take over. The heart races, the head pounds, and everything just feels out of control. If you're looking for a way to reduce stress and find some peace of mind,...
We all know the feeling—when Mercury goes into retrograde, everything feels like it's going haywire. From missed appointments to lost data, it can be a frustrating time. But don't worry, we've got you covered with our Mercury Retrograde Candle. Keep...
Love Smudge Mini Bowl Candle
Turn your space into a love temple, with this Love Smudge Mini Bowl Candle. This crystal infused candle features a French Lavender and Honey fragrance and includes White Sage and Rose Quartz crystals for cleansing your heart chakra.
$20.99 $11.99
The perfect way to achieve balance in your life is with this Perfect Balance intention candle. Made with fluorite crystals, this candle is perfect for setting intentions of concentration and self confidence. As you burn this candle, the fluorite crystals...
Lavender Smudge Stick
Put the power of blue magic to work in your home with Lavender Smudge Stick. This versatile plant has been called "blue magic" because it opens up the mind, heals negative emotions, promotes calmness and restful sleep, and is ruled...
When you're looking to manifest your success, reach for our Wealth Tea Lights. Our Wealth Tea Lights are made with Citrine, one of the most powerful crystals for attracting wealth and abundance. Combined with a delicious grapefruit mangosteen fragrance, these...
Banish + Cleanse Candle
This protection crystal candle is perfect for banishing negative energy and cleansing your space. Rue is an herb that has been used for centuries to cleanse negative energy and protect against evil. When combined with Obsidian, this protection candle is...
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Soy candle topped with dried lavender, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, and clear Quartz crystals. Crystal candle features a Basil, Mint, and Sage fragrance. This candle is a beautiful alternative to traditional smudging and should be used to clear away negative energies. ABOUT...
$42.99 $32.99
Light the way to new beginnings with this Moonstone intention candle. When burnt, this intention candle promotes inspiration and good fortune in all areas of your love, business, and more. Use this intention candle as a symbol of your intentions...
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