Good Vibes Tin Candle
Good Vibes Candle is the perfect way to enjoy some much-needed self-care. Light this black tourmaline crystal candle and let the good vibes wash over you. As the candle burns, the Citrus Agave fragrance will fill the air and help...
Clear your energy and lift your spirits with the sacred art of smudging. Smudging has been traditionally used to safeguard against negativity that could interfere with sleep and cause anxiety.This kit includes: 2 Jumbo Tea Light Candles one 4” smudge...
$25.99 $14.99
4" white smudge stick.    Smudging is an ancient art that is believed to have been practiced by Native Americans for centuries. It’s the name given to the ceremonial, daily act of cleansing and purification which uses a selection of...
Energy Cleansing Candle
When life gets stressful, it's important to take some time for yourself. What better way to reduce stress and negativity than with our Energy Cleansing Candle?  This powerful crystal candle is made with beautiful Amethyst and Black Tourmaline Crystals to...
Good Vibes Wax Melts
Add some good vibes to your space with these crystal wax melts. Packed with Black Tourmaline crystals, these wax melts will help to clear away any negative energy and promote good vibes. Not only do these wax melts look beautiful,...
Good Vibes Mini Bowl Candle
Our Good Vibes Mini Bowl Candle is the perfect way to set an uplifting mood in your space. This crystal infused soy candle is topped with Black Tourmaline crystals and dried rose petals for a refreshing citrus agave scent that...
$20.99 $11.99
Soy wax melt infused with Obsidian crystals. Crystal Wax Melt features a Blackberry Sage fragrance.    ABOUT OBSIDIANObsidian is truth-enhancing. A strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the...
Love Smudge Candle
When love feels like it's gone astray, light this candle and smudge those bad vibes away. Drawing on the power of rose quartz, this crystal candle is perfect for those needing a fresh start on love. Along with White Sage,...
Smudge like a pro with our Ultimate Smudger crystal candle. This beautiful candle is made of black tourmaline, quartz and amethyst crystals, as well as palo santo wood shavings and white sage.  The basil mint and sage fragrance is refreshing...
Add some good vibes to your space with this Positivity Attractor candle. Black tourmaline is a powerful gemstone known for its ability to transform dense energy and attract good vibes. This candle is perfect for filling your home with positive...
Balancing Smudge Bundle
Balance is the key to a thriving life. Keep things on track with our white sage floral smudge bundle. Use this White Sage smudge stick to clear away negative energies of all kinds and use the Smoky Quartz point to...
Good Vibes Candle
Energy Wicks Good Vibes Candle is here to change the way you feel—and smell. Inhale. Exhale. Ahhh. Now, let this Good Vibes Candle work its magic. As you light this crystal candle, allow the Citrus Agave fragrance and Black Tourmaline...
Chakra Smudge Stick
Give your life the balance it needs with this Chakra Balancing Smudge Stick! This smudge stick is handmade with White Sage and 7 chakra color rose petals, plus a single piece of Black Tourmaline to help you achieve balance in...
Floral Healing Smudge Bundle
Calming, healing and cleansing energy in one bundle. White sage smudge stick tied with dried lavender, Palo Santo and a single clear Quartz point. The most essential items you'll need to create an instant calm space. Palo Santo provides protection,...
Tired of feeling frazzled? This stress relief candle is for you. Made with Amethyst, Quartz, lavender, chamomile, and rose petals, this candle is designed to help soothe your senses and reduce stress. With a bright and zesty Citrus Cilantro fragrance,...
Our Ultimate Smudger Candle is the perfect way to cleanse your space of negative energy. Made with black tourmaline quartz and amethyst crystals, this candle will help to purify and protect your space. The palo santo and white sage will...
4 oz soy candle topped with Moonstone crystals, Himalayan salt, dried Eucalyptus, and fairy dust.  Crystal infused candle features a tropical mojito fragrance.  Fragrance is infused with natural essential oils.ABOUT THE MOONSTONEMoonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura....
$20.99 $13.99
White Sage is the perfect tool to cleanse and rid your home of unwanted negative energy.  These incense sticks will leave your home free of low vibration energy that is no longer serving you.  Pack of 6.
Good Juju Bonfire Candle
Elevate your vibe with our Good Juju crystal candle. Filled with a medley of crystals and a wooden wick that crackles like a bonfire, this candle is said to cleanse the soul and bring good vibes to your space. Uplifting...
This Manifestation Candle is the perfect way to set your intentions and manifest your desires. Made with a garnet gemstone and a wooden wick, this candle is perfect for setting the mood and getting your manifestation practice started. The Law...
Love Smudge Kit
Bring blessings of love into your life with the sacred art of smudging. Smudging has been traditionally used to safeguard against negativity and provide spiritual and energetic cleansing.This kit includes: 1 Jumbo Tea Light Candles one 4” smudge stick one 4” Palo santo...
Each sold separately.  15g box.
Our Self-Love candle is the perfect way to treat yourself with some self-care. This rose quartz candle comes in a beautiful cashmere plum fragrance and is designed to open the heart chakra. By promoting self-love and acceptance, this candle is...
Looking to promote some love in your life? Look no further than our Unconditional Love candle. Made with Rose Quartz, this crystal candle will open the heart and promote unconditional love. The pink sugar crystals fragrance is perfect for setting...
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