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How To Do A Waning Moon Ritual with Energy Wicks Ritual Kit

Posted by Energy Wicks on
How To Do A Waning Moon Ritual with Energy Wicks Ritual Kit
New moons are a great time for new beginnings and a start of something new. Each new moon is the universe’s way of giving us a fresh start and a chance to wipe the slate clean. Although each one has a different energy (depending on the sign it occurs in) one thing remains the same, it is the best time to set new and clear intentions and set goals for the month ahead.  While we all love a good New Moon, we often forget the power of a Waning Moon. The Waning Moon phase starts after a Full Moon with the moon becoming less bright each day until the next New Moon. This is a time to break bad habits, bad addictions or end bad relationships.  


Our Waning Moon Ritual Kit was designed to help you break through barriers and let go of all that is no longer serving you.

How To Do A Waning Moon Ritual with Energy Wicks Ritual Kit


What you’ll need:

  • Our Waning Moon Ritual Kit
  • A pen
  • A piece of paper
  • Fireproof bowl of water
  • Matches or a lighter

Ritual Steps:

1.  Use the Rosemary Sage to give your space and your crystals a good cleansing.
2.  Gather your items and set up a comfortable sacred space.
3.  Light the candle and hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand.
4.  Ask yourself, "what is the biggest obstacle I need to overcome in order to reach my highest potential?"
5.  Write a goodbye letter to the thing that firsts come to mind. This may be a habit, relationship, or anything you’re ready to let go of.
6.  Burn the letter.  For an extra boost try burning it outside beneath the Moon to fully release it and let go.  As the paper burns, imagine that all the negativities are leaving your life.  Extinguish in bowl of water.
7.  Repeat the affirmation below 3 times:
           "I choose to release negative habits, thoughts, anxiety, and (choose                       something specific to you). My knowing spirit is ready to journey into the               path I desire and to begin receiving new opportunities."
8.  Thank the Moon for the beautiful energy.
9.  Spend a few moments meditating. Imagine yourself filling up with positivity, love, peace, freedom, and Moonlight energy.
10.  Place the crystals and candle on your night stand or somewhere you will see every day.
11.  Continue to light your candle for the next 7 days.
12.  Trust yourself and know that you have the answers within you to breakthrough to your best self.

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